Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Post of All Posts - The Post that Started it All

11:01pm, August 21, 2013. Writing this after four hours of thinking of a name for a blog. Never had I thought of making one, the closest one I made was at age ten at, the old website of Nickelodeon South-east Asia wherein your account is called a blog. But an actual blog like this? Well, not until today.

The monsoon has been affecting the Philippines for the past few days. As a result of the torrential rains, classes were suspended, since Monday, actually. Though there were no classes today since it was a holiday (30th Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino's Assasination/ Memorial of Pius X - had to say it, anyway), the dark clouds are still upon us and is still causing torrential rains, thus, classes are still suspended tomorrow.

This blog is a fruit of boredom - yes, a fruit of boredom. Thing is, I don't want to be idle for the next few days, since there's also a holiday on Monday, August 26th. And I also aim to make this blog a long-term thing, maybe a companion in daily realizations, reflections and maybe even meditations. And thus, this blog was born.

What do you do after someone is born? Yes, TIME TO GIVE A NAME. As mentioned above, I spent four hours thinking about a name for this blog. I tried to make my blog name as catchy as the following examples: "The Friar's Rumination", "UrDose", "ONE WITH YOU", "Lamp Upon Our Feet" and "The Pinoy Catholic" ('The Pinoy Catholic', by the way, is awesome. Kudos Sir TPC!). In my quest for a name for the blog, I had these are some of my name ideas for a blog:

"Thoughts From the Cassock" - rejected since it sounded too clerical, which I am not - not a cleric, not a seminarian, just your typical 4th year high school student

"Fumes of the Thuribe" - suggested by a friend, rejected for sounding too religious - my blog isn't a religious blog, well, okay, not always but it won't always be talking about the Church, the Catholic Faith, Liturgy etc. As said, I am your typical 4th year high school student. I also have other things in mind. Since this is my blog, MY BLOG, MY POSTS.

"If I Only Had A Pulpit.." - in all honesty, this was supposed to be the name of the blog until I realized that some people might take this negatively so there you go, back to searching a name.

"My Unsung Song" - another awesome entry but apparently, this is self contradictory. in this blog, I shall be expressing my thoughts and other ideas and thus, this song isn't going to be unsung for long

"From the Pews" - I found this too religious for a blog which also caters to stuff other than religion.

"Sharing the Fruits of My Contemplation" or "Fruits of Contemplation" - an awesome idea but it sounded to serious for this blog - but still an awesome idea (intercede for us, Holy Father Dominic!)

"From My Cluttered Mind" - what? Who would read entries from a blogger with a cluttered mind?

Those were four exhausting hours thinking of a good name for this blog. I then realized that for quite some time already, I have been looking for something I am very unsure of. I didn't know what I was finding that's why I rejected all the name ideas. Therefore, those four hours was just A QUEST FOR SOMETHING - not of nothing though, I was pretty sure I was looking for something, I was just unsure of it. And thus, the name - "THE QUEST FOR SOMETHING".

I mentioned above that I have never expected making a blog and now, here I am. Maybe, there's a good reason why I thought of making this one. That, of course is something that I am unsure of now but probably we'll all know in the future.

Finished this blogpost a few minutes after 12:00am, August 22, 2013 - Feast of the Queenship of Mary.
Ave Regina Caelorum!

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